Success Stories


The 2021 General Assembly was conducted under strict social distancing protocols due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. The House of Delegates conducted all legislative business through video conferences. Unfortunately, this protocol limited the traditional methods of interacting with our elected officials during the General Assembly session.  Despite the challenges PWAR and our association partners at the Virginia REALTORS® were able to achieve a high level of legislative success. During the session 1,555 Bills and Resolutions on all issues were introduced in the General Assembly. PWAR and VAR analyze the legislation and determine which bills would have a significant impact on the business of real estate.  The bills are assigned one of two categories:

  1. Monitor Bills: legislation with a high enough potential impact on the business of real estate that requires PWAR and VAR to actively track the progress of the legislation to determine if more intense advocacy efforts would be required.
  2. Action Bills: legislation was either introduced by a patron for REALTORS® or has a significant potential impact on the business of real estate that PWAR and VAR actively supported or opposed the legislation. Action bills are rated in one of three categories Support, Oppose or Amend and receive the highest level of advocacy engagement up to and including direct lobbying efforts by the VAR and PWAR public policy teams, testimony at legislative hearings, meetings with patrons of proposed legislation and Calls for Action.