BION celebrates 5 years of success

September 23, 2013, BION will celebrate our 5th year.  John Fitzgerald, BION partner, reflects on the past 5 years.  “The first 5 years have been a blurr of sleepless nights worrying whether we have made the correct decisions during our job planning, work schedules, health insurance decisions, everything being based on having the responsibility of not only our families but our extended family. All of which consist of the BION employees counting on us to make the right decisions as much as we count on them to do the right thing and strive to make BION one of the most reputable mid size mechanical systems contractor in the Northern Virginia area.

I really felt we had the right thought process of always striving to be the best;  surrounding ourselves with personnel that are motivated and always were looking out for our clients best interest. What makes us successful is our personnel and everyone pulling on the same end of the rope and delivering top quality work on time at a fair price. Thank you to everyone that has helped us get this far.”  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BION!